The Facts

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    • The Ninth Legion were based in present day York.
    • They were based in a permanent fort in the very centre of the largest and most fearsome tribe in all of Britain: the Brigantes.
    • Hadrian was warned in 117AD “The Britons could not be kept under Roman control”.
    • Hadrian later rushed to Northern Britain with three Roman Legions
    • Over 21,000 men swung into action to regain control and build the wall which was to take his name.
    • The Legions used to build Hadrian’s Wall were the 2nd ,6th, and 20th Legions found from the stone inscriptions.
    • Not a single mile of the wall was built by the Ninth Legion.
    • Hadrian’s Wall was the greatest frontier barrier ever built by the Romans.
    • The scale of the Wall, and its systems of ramparts, ditches and defences shows the serious threat to the Roman Empire.
    • The contemporary sources are silent about the disappearance of the Ninth Legion.
    • The Ninth Legion were later removed from the Roman Army list.

This is the story of Romes most mysterious vanished Legion. Over 80 per cent of this book is based on factual characters and events.


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